Virtual Fun Annual National Breed Show

Virtual Fun Annual National Breed Show

There is an idea to put on a FUN virtual Annual National Breed Show if our members and exhibitors wish for us to do so.  Please note the emphasis will be on FUN.

Judging will be a panel of judges sending in a score for an independent person to collate and count.  All photos/videos will be presented to the judges ANONYMOUSLY.  It will not necessarily be just action that the judge would be looking for, it will be purely on what catches the eye of the 6 anonymous judges from the photos/videos.

The FUN show will consist of a photo only of any In Hand animal, no human within the photo.  This will alleviate the need for the animal to be shod or show fit.

Any harness or ridden class there will be a short video with the sound on of a stand show and a photo of the   animal as well.  The driver and groom does not have to be formally dressed, albeit naked videos or photos will be destroyed!!

It is down to the owner to present their photos however they wish to do so, show turnout/exercise/head collar will all be accepted.

The harness and ridden video’s do not necessarily need to be in show turnout, this will be accepted in exercise turnout, this is also down to the owner to decide but no training aides

The panel of judges picked will be unable to enter the show.

 This really is for Fun and for all of you who are still working your animals to have a bit of extra enjoyment.

If there is enough interest then full details of what is required, what classes etc will be sent out.

We totally understand if you are not interested but if you are please email, telephone or write in to Dawn Hicketts by the 5th May so that we can organise something for July.