Complaints Procedure



The Hackney Horse Society manages its stud book to encourage and promote the breeding of registered pure Hackney horse and ponies throughout the world

To encourage the breeding of pure Hackney horses and ponies

To maintain the Hackney Horse Society Stud Book

To promote the welfare of Hackney horses and ponies and also, where the Council consider that it is possible to help prevent neglect or cruelty to Hackney horses and ponies.

It is also a passport issuing organisation recognised by Defra. We work hard to provide a good service to our members, breeders and owners, and the public, but occasionally you may think that we have got something wrong, and we want to be able to deal with any complaints as quickly as possible to resolve issues. This document provides information about how we will consider any complaints made in relation to registrations and the issue and ongoing management of passports.

Registration of Hackney Horses and Ponies into the stud book is regulated by 96/78/EEC, and policies are set out in the Society’s Rules and the Conditions of Registration, and in the most recent volume of the published Stud Book.

The current passport legislation is 504/2008 and the 2009 Horse Passports (England) Regulations.

By signing the registration application form you are confirming that you abide by the terms and conditions set out in that document.

Please ensure that you are familiar with all the above documents.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or concern made in writing by letter or email, relating to the Society’s action, inaction or standard of service in connection with the registration of horses and ponies and the issue and ongoing management of passports.

An initial approach may be made verbally, in person or by telephone, but it must be followed up in writing.

Your name and contact details must be included. The Society does not act on anonymous letters.

You cannot complain if you:

  • are making an initial request for a service;
  • have failed to meet required deadlines;
  • have failed to supply all required information;
  • have failed to pay all required fees.

You cannot complain about loss or delay caused by the actions or inactions of third parties beyond the control of the Society. Examples would be (but are not limited to) industrial action, or loss of items in the post caused by your failure to use Recorded Delivery as recommended by the Society.

Time Limits

You are strongly advised to inspect your passports carefully and immediately on receipt. Any complaint must be timely, and normally the Society will not be able to consider as a complaint a problem that occurred more than six months ago. If we are to consider matters which are raised after that time complainants will need to provide strong reasons for why the issue was not raised earlier.


The Society will acknowledge receipt of a complaint by return.

You will be advised at that time of the date of the next meeting of the Council, where the complaint will be dealt with.

Following that Council meeting, you will receive written confirmation of the Council’s decision.

If the Society is at fault we will apologise, explain how the problem occurred and what we are doing to prevent it happening again.

The item will appear in the minutes of that meeting and appropriate records will be kept. (ref to Data Protection Act?)


If you are not satisfied with the decision you have the right to make an appeal to the Council. This appeal must be made in writing, and confirmation of receipt will be acknowledged by return. (Who should hear the appeal Council)


Please address your complaint ‘For the Attention of the Council’ and send to:

The Secretary
Hackney Horse Society
Haydon Farm Cottages
Sutton Parva
BA12 7AF

Or by email to: